Exertis Supply Chain Services

Exertis Supply Chain Services (SCS) is a leader in professional materials supply chain design and operation; delivering cost, capital and complexity optimisation for global clients.

Discover How Exertis SCS Can Transform Your Materials Supply Chain

Exertis SCS work with companies of all size and industry including the technology, consumer electronics, industrial, med tech and pharmaceuticals sectors. We have operations across Europe, the US and Asia. We are partnered with thousands of suppliers globally and have an international logistics partnership network spanning six continents. Exertis SCS is the only supply chain services company that can manage cost, capital and complexity.



We advise companies of all industries on how to design, develop and implement highly effective and efficient global materials supply chains. We also provide expert consultancy on ODM to Market Services and Supply Chain Compliance.


Materials Sourcing

We provide Factory Sourcing, Capacity Planning and Quality Control Services. This allows us to source the best manufacturer for you, optimise production capacity to match your customer demand, and control the quality of your inventory.

Materials Management

Materials Management

We offer Procurement, Materials Planning, Inventory Management and Warehousing & Shipping Services. We help you source quality materials at the best price, maintain the right mix of inventory at the right locations and give you access to global logistics hubs and transportation routes.

Global Logistics

Materials Fulfilment

Our services include Order Management, Kitting, Product Localisation, Order Fulfilment, Returns Management and eCommerce solutions. We help you process and customise orders from multiple channels, rapidly despatch orders globally, manage returns efficiently and deploy cost-effective web portals.

Materials Financing

We provide Inventory Financing and Order to Cash Services. These services help you to lower your stock holding, dramatically improve inventory turns, delay inventory ownership and optimise the level of free cash in your business.

Further Information

To learn how Exertis SCS can help support your supply chain initiatives, visit www.exertissupplychain.com, email supplychain@exertis.com or call +353 1 405 6586

Credit and Finance

Credit & Finance

The Exertis group offers an extensive range of credit services, leasing and financial options to enable our partners and their customers to afford the solutions they need to grow.


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