The Exertis Group story starts in the UK back in 1980. It has now become one of the leading distributors in Europe through organic growth and acquisitions.

Ian Jones

Micro-Peripherals started in Basingstoke, UK.

Two entrepreneurs, Ian Jones and Ian Donaldson, founded Micro-P.

For the first 10 years we only sold printers, peripherals and monitors.


Sharptext was established in 1980 in Dublin, Ireland.

Sharptext was founded by Eddie Kerr and Patrick Garvey. It was established, initially, to grow the market for Sharp business machines such as copiers, fax and telex machines. However, it quickly established a reputation for its customer service and brand management, and grew to have a portfolio of over 30 leading brands.

Exertis shop

We had a shop in the early days

We were once a reseller! In the early 80s, we had a shop run by Gordon, the MD! That didn't last long...

We were also a manufacturer

In 1984 the company decided to diversify by setting up a small R&D department so the company could develop and manufacture its own products.

We started first with the MP range of printers - Shinwa and Nakajima

We also designed in Basingstoke and manufactured in the North:

  • Token ring network cards in association with Texas Instruments:– one of the first network systems
  • Multi-station access unit – forerunner of an Ethernet hub and USB hub
  • Designed a satellite receiver

We're a company that keeps reinventing itself

Gem Distribution

Gem was Founded

Gem was founded in 1984 in the basement of a High street shop, Harlow, Essex.

Micro-P Warehouse

Micro-P opened an office in Rossendale, Lancashire

Finance, warehouse, customer service and engineering moved to the North.

Banque Magnetique

Banque Magnétique was founded


SharpText Group buys Micro-P

Advent Data

Advent Data started


DCC acquires Gem

Go Connect

Exertis GO Connect was founded in 1996

A distributor of communication headsets in The Netherlands, Go Connect was originally known as Go Telecom. In 2012, it changed its name to GO Connect to reflect the service offering, channel expertise and distribution network of more than just a telecom company.


CapTech Distribution is started in Gothenburg, Sweden by the entrepreneur Daniel Johnsson


DCC completes acquisition of SharpText


Comtrade was founded

Network Technical

CapTech Distribution acquires Network Technical


Micro-P acquires Tekdata (Stoke)


CapTech Distribution acquires AVD Technology

Gerry O'Keeffe

Gerry O'Keeffe starts as Financial Director


Acquired Portix and hence the Mobile division was launched!


CapTech Distribution acquires Gtek

Gerry O'Keeffe becomes Managing Director, Micro-P Ltd


CapTech Distribution wins "Distributor of the year" at IT Business Awards in Stockholm.

Advent Data

Micro-P acquires Advent Data (consumables)

Micro-P Mobile wins exclusive distribution contract for Nokia in the UK.

Gem acquires Ztorm in December 2011.

Go Connect

Acquires Go Connect Netherlands


Micro-P acquires Cohort. Tekdata becomes Micro P Security. Sharptext becomes Exertis Ireland.

Paul Bryan

Paul Bryan becomes UK Managing Director

Gerry O'Keeffe

Gerry O'Keeffe becomes Managing Director, UK and Ireland, Exertis

Patrice Arzillier

Patrice Arzillier becomes Managing Director, Exertis continental Europe


CapTech Distribution acquires Hattelco AB

Sercom group rebranded as Exertis group - 10 divisions become 1 brand

Exertis grows to £1.966 billion turnover - 38% growth year on year!

  • Largest channel sales team in UK & Ireland – over 250 sales staff at Exertis Micro-P alone.
  • Over 200+ vendors
  • 9000 resellers/retailers trading annually
  • Warehouse (120,000 sq ft) in Altham

CapTech Distribution acquires Pocketstället


Exertis acquires CapTech Distribution


Exertis launch the Linx brand

Computers Unlimited

Welcoming Computers Unlimited to the Exertis Family


Exertis starts building a new NDC in Burnley


Exertis acquires CUC

Exertis Ashwood

Exertis moves into a new building in Basingstoke – bringing all their Basingstoke offices into one location


Exertis acquires Siracom


Exertis acquires Medium


Exertis acquires Hammer


Exertis acquires SVD

Computers Unlimited

Exertis move into the new National Distribution Centre in Burnley Bridge centralising all their northern warehouses into one 515,000sq ft. facility


Exertis Medium move into their new premises in Stockley Park